The Consolidated Assurance Team

Consolidated Assurance is made up of insurance agents across the United States. These independent contractors specialize in offering different insurance options to niche markets.

Our agents serve specific regions so they aren’t tripping over each other and can really develop a long term career with solid relationships.

See our open and assigned territories here, and then visit our careers page to learn more about joining our team.


Meet Our Team


Joseph Caldwell

Chief Executive Officer

I want to help people realize significance in their lives, facilitate advancement, and have a chance to be a part of something greater than themselves.

As one of the founders of Consolidated Assurance, Joseph wants to see Consolidated Assurance be the best organization it can be through partnerships, work ethic and passion. He enjoys being able to give others the ability to take their creativity and drive and turn it into a successful career. Being able to associate himself with such an incredible team of people is the best part of his job.

With over 15 years of finance and sales experience, Joseph has created a work environment and team that stand head and shoulders above the competition. He has created a company culture that exudes leadership, compassion, loyalty and security.

Nathan Wells

Chief Learning Officer

"My dream is to create a business that earns an unparalleled reputation of products and elite services to customers while providing a rewarding career for those who share the passion for Consolidated Assurance.

Nathan Wells recognizes the unique connection and partnership with Joseph Caldwell and Jeff Magg to establish a business focusing on a worthy cause. Knowing there is a way to provide better service in a more efficient and effective way, Nathan is proud to share the vision in helping create Consolidated Assurance.

Through his role as Chief Learning Officer, Nathan has the pleasure of not only working closely with each individual team coordinator, but also providing the best benefits for the members they serve each day.

Born and raised in Western North Carolina, as a child growing up on a dairy farm, Nathan saw firsthand how hard work and perseverance could shape his future. As an entrepreneur for the past 18 years, his experience has created the aptitude for his role as the Chief Learning Officer with Consolidated Assurance.

Jeff Magg

Chief Administrative Officer

I love seeing our clients, employees and our Consolidated team prosper greatly from hard work, which provides a second-to-none atmosphere that everyone can be very proud of.

Jeff has always been extremely competitive, playing sports his entire school life, including 4 years of baseball in college. When he met Joseph Caldwell and Nathan Wells, he knew he had found the two perfect business partners because they were all cut from the same cloth.

It was very apparent they had a never-say-die mentality which makes the foundation of Consolidated Assurance the best place for employees and agents to prosper, and for customers to find the best coverage available.

Tyler Harris

National Coordinator

My life has been forever changed by the career opportunity with Consolidated Assurance. My passion now lies in seeing others live up to their full potential, by teaching them a system that produces massive results in a short period of time with one crucial ingredient… Hard Work.

When Tyler began his career with Consolidated Assurance, he dove in head first on blind faith based solely on his trust in Joseph, Nathan, and Jeff.  The founders cast a vision that is built on passion, hard work ethic, and helping others.  

As the National Coordinator with Consolidated Assurance, Tyler has the responsibility of leading by example in the field, first and foremost.  Secondly, he has the opportunity to work with our incredible team members across the US, strengthening the message, which strengthens results. 

Kim Caldwell

Director of Operations

Watching this team grow and flourish has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I am truly honored to work with such outstanding, top-notch individuals.

Kim Caldwell has been with Consolidated Assurance since the inception in 2010. She has had a front row seat as the Director of Operations and has helped build the backbone of the company. She enjoys being a productive part of the company as they reach new heights.

Kim has a sales background so she has a distinct understanding for the agents in the field, and what they do to further their career. She gets the distinct privelege of working with them on a daily basis to help in the areas of contracting, training, application processing, and on-going field support.

Amanda McAbee

Director of Business Affairs

Consolidated Assurance is a legendary company. The owners lead with a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth and inspire our team to follow suit. This is why we continue to grow year over year. It is pure joy to be a part of this family!

As the Director of Business Affairs, Amanda understands the demands on a high impact CEO and her main role is to “take care of business!”  Through collaboration with the team, she pin points areas of opportunity and oversees the implementation of these ideas. She has a passion to see people thrive in their roles and leads them to maximum efficiency and productivity.  

Her background as a sales professional, Executive Director of a Non-Profit and previous restaurant owner have equipped her to flourish in her role. She has the unique opportunity to utilize her successful productivity habits, pursuit of excellence, and a servant's heart to facilitate greater achievement and significance.

Jillian Wells

Recruiting & Training Manager

I have the unique opportunity to find amazing applicants across the country and pair them with Consolidated Assurance's incredible program, which will not only help them provide for their families, but give them a sense of purpose knowing they’re helping.

Jillian actively recruits new agents to fill available territories. She strategically contacts top level candidates to join the Consolidated Assurance team, taking them through the selection process. Once chosen, Jillian assists each new agent through their training program as they transition into their new career. Consolidated Assurance seeks for that "Sales Wolf" who will not only thrive with our system, but will make an incredible impact in their market.

Jillian has a background in television news as a reporter and meteorologist, followed by a career in sales and management.

Rickey Craig

Content Manager / Creative Director

“My first encounter with CA's culture was when the CEO told me average nauseates him. They aren’t satisfied with this being a good or even great company to work for. They’re determined to make it legendary. After being immersed in the energy, surrounded by the passion, and engulfed by the relentless pursuit of excellence…legendary is an understatement.

As our Social Media Specialist, Rickey plays the multifaceted roll of managing 11 social media outlets including content creation and periodic correspondence. Dually, he is our Creative Specialist, where-in he plays the role of video editor, creative content writer, and senior graphic designer for our podcasts, social media outlets, blogs, conferences, company events, and the overall visual communications of our brand identity. 

Rickey has a background in brand identity and business development.  He is passionate about integrating his skillsets alongside our company’s vision.

Jason Runkle

Event Coordinator & Administrative Specialist

Consolidated Assurance strives to be on the cutting edge in everything we do from the way we recruit and train people to creating a culture that breathes personal accountability and transparency. I have the privilege of working with our Chief Learning Officer, Director of Business Affairs, and the Recruiting and Training Manager to ensure that we develop and maintain content and systems that create the framework for our Coordinators to achieve their maximum potential. It is truly an honor to work with Consolidated Assurance.

Jason has a background in production for concerts, events, festivals, film and T.V. He has also worked in business development and manufacturing production management. By combining his experiences, Jason identifies and implements systems that build a foundation for growth and success.

Kaytlyn Hollis

Content Editor

Consolidated Assurance is unlike any other company I’ve had the pleasure to work for. They strive to push you in your personal and professional growth. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and I truly look forward to going to work every day.

Kaytlyn creates content for several social media accounts. She helps build the brands by staying up to date on current social media trends and creates striking visuals to keep engagement high. She makes sure the best value is broadcast across all mediums available.

Kaytlyn has a background in live video production, events, and broadcast T.V. She has also served as a Producer to a marketing agency, branding high volume retail. With this experience, Kaytlyn is able to balance mass content with a fast turnaround.

Stephanie Brownlow

Administrative Specialist

From the day I was hired with Consolidated Assurance, I have felt more at home and part of a family than I ever have in a work place. Consolidated Assurance is the path that God has been leading me to help find my way. Everyone is so welcoming and high spirited. I could not ask for a better atmosphere to spend my work days.

Stephanie plays a significant role in providing quality customer accuracy and service. She has been in the customer relations industry for 10+ years. She looks forward to increasing growth and profitability with Consolidated Assurance.

Let’s Do This!

Emileigh Perry

Retention Specialist

Consolidated's leadership team truly wants you to succeed just as much as they want to succeed and will do anything in their power to help you do so. Great company to work for!

Emileigh helps build the business through client relations where she facilitates the needs of individual clients to insure quality and service excellence. She believes the work environment is awesome and can depend on the staff to get the job done. Being able to keep track of her success rate and progress allows her to challenge herself and try to exceed her personal and professional goals.

Working for Consolidated Assurance has been a blessing for Emileigh. She believes that Consolidated Assurance, as a company, is not only generous to their staff, but truly care about their team as a whole.

Sarah Thompson

Retention Specialist

This is the best job that I have ever had, it is such an easygoing and fun environment to work in.

Sarah works directly with customers to make sure payments are up to date and correct. She is a team player and assists where ever she is needed to help move the business forward. Her experience in customer relations has afforded her the knowledge to know what needs to be done before it has to be done.

Working at Consolidated Assurance has felt like a big family for Sarah. She feels it is an enjoyable place to work because the other staff members are helpful and understanding.

Mandy Shaver

Retention Specialist

Being a Retention Specialist, I love that I am able to provide outstanding service back to those who provide it for us! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work for a Task Force with such staggering work ethic, goals and values.

Mandy is an integral part of the Consolidated Assurance team and helps to connect with our members personally.  She makes sure that our clients know that there is a real team of people available to support them all while fulfilling our Mission, Vision and Values.

Mandy believes that "The greatest technology in the world hasn't replaced the ultimate relationship building tool between a customer and a business; The human touch."- Shep Hyken 

Madeline Moody

Member Liaison

I love that I am able to help serve those who serve us! Here at Consolidated Assurance, not only do I have the opportunity to invest in myself, but I get the privilege of being a part of a legendary company! With our founder’s outlook on personal growth and accountability, I am challenged every day to become the best version of myself. I am honored to work beside such genuine and kind hearted team members.

As one of our in house coordinators, Madeline plays an important role in assisting clients to ensure they have the proper coverage amounts in place. She takes pride in letting our clients know there is always someone available to support them in creating a legacy for their families. She has a strong background in customer service and serves each member with excellence.

Rebecca Nix

Retention IT Specialist

Being an Retention Information Technology Specialist is a special job to have where I feel appreciated for my hard work.

Rebecca provides the back office support which is needed for the day to day operations of Consolidated Assurance. Without her experience and knowledge of information systems, reporting and other related technology aspects, the office would not run as efficiently as needed.

She enjoys the people she works with, the friendly atmosphere and feels appreciated for all she does to contribute. The company is stress free, enjoyable and experiencing rapid growth with God as the foundation.

Alicea Ciani

Member Liaison

From my position as a Member Liaison and contributing to what we do overall as a team for such an extraordinary group of people makes my position here at Consolidated Assurance worthwhile. Throughout my 13 years of experience in Customer Service and Sales, I have never experienced a more welcoming and positive atmosphere than what can be found at Consolidated Assurance. I feel truly privileged to be apart of such a legendary team!

Alicea has the pleasure of interacting and assisting those who are called to serve on a daily basis. With her determination to help others however she can and her attention to detail, she is a valuable asset to an already remarkable team. 

Elizabeth Scheurger

Personal Assistant

What a privilege to work with a team of people that values so highly each and every person, whether they have been close friends or meeting for the very first time. Truly an honor!

Liz specializes in social work focusing her passion into serving the community. Her attention to fine details along with her desire for excellence allows her to facilitate day to day tasks smoothly and efficiently. 

Andrew Hucks

Office Support Specialist

Consolidated is unlike anywhere I have ever worked. From the day I started, everyone has gone above and beyond to make me feel like part of the team. I'm thankful for leadership that genuinely wants to help me succeed both personally and professionally.

Andrew is a team player, with a blend of responsibilities under his umbrella.  He provides support to our In House Coordinators, customer service for our members, and helps assist Consolidated with day-to-day tasks.